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Aftermarket Performance


Diesel trucks are now one of the hottest segments in the truck accessories market.  When it comes to towing and hauling, diesel engines stand at the head of the class.  What’s more, diesel engine owners have found that diesel engines can be modified to produce even more horse power and torque and generally increase fuel efficiency as well.  The towing capacity of a diesel engine is nothing short of amazing.

Benefits of performance accessories include getting improved gas mileage, throttle response and overall better performance from your diesel.





Get the performance you’re looking for from top names brands such as Edge Products, Banks Power, BD, Pacbrake, and more.




Looking for quality diesel products designed to compliment your Dodge Cummins, Chevy/GMC Duramax, and Ford Powerstroke lines of diesel pickup trucks?  Whether you are looking for a high-flow exhaust system or intercoolers, we can get you the diesel performance products designed to help meet whatever your needs may be.

If you are looking for better mileage and tow power or just to build an extreme diesel to leave the other guys in the dust, we’ve got all your diesel performance needs covered.




Diesel Exhaust Systems
Performance, aftermarket exhaust systems create more power and torque for your diesel, improve fuel economy, and give your truck a full deep-toned sound.  They use large diameter mandrel-bent tubing for a free flowing exhaust that's less restrictive than your factory exhaust.  This allows your engine to create more, unrestricted power.

Edge Juice Power Modules and Controllers
Quickly add power and torque when you need it for towing, racing or every day driving.  When combined with Juice power module, the Edge Attitude or A2 computer controller allows you to adjust computer setting on-the-fly from your driver's seat.  Choose from five different power levels and monitor your engine's vitals.  Easily allows you to adjust your computer for different driving styles.

Intake Kits
More air equals more power for your diesel engine.  Intake kits provide increased airflow to the engine without sacrificing filtration, which keeps your engine safe from dirt and debris.  Provides a more direct movement of air from the filter to the engine making it much less restrictive than your factory intake system.  Most filters are reusable and can be cleaned and oiled to last a lifetime.

Diesel Turbo Upgrade
Increase horsepower dramatically, keep exhaust gas temperatures low and improve turbo response with turbo upgrades.  These come in single and twin turbo upgrades and feature bolt-on installation for your specific application.  Perfect for race and towing application where a lot of power is needed.

Exhaust Brake
Adding all the horsepower to your diesel is great.  But, with all that power you are going to need increased stopping power too.  Since diesel engines have no real engine braking power, an exhaust brake is needed.  It creates the right amount of back pressure to help slow your dig down and keep you safe.  It may also be combines with AutoLoc Transmission control for even better braking power.

Intercooler Kits
Add cooling capacity to your truck with an intercooler.  This large front mount intercooler keeps turbo boost pressure cool and dense, which creates more power.  Handles pressures up to 140 PSI and can be used for race applications with a lot of horsepower, or towing and every day driving.


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